Agen Judi Casino - Seize Golden Shoe, James Commenting

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Seize Golden Shoe, James Commenting - agen judi casino. So star in the World Cup and also so new players to the Real Madrid has not yet be the end of the successful players James Rodriguez. This time, the mainstay of players coming from Colombia that was provided by the FIFA award of the Golden Boot. (wikipedia)

Federation of football of the highest in the world it also has also given an award after the player manages to establish its name to become the creator of the most widely goals with six goals that he created in the quadrennial event.

As does not believe what he was able to get it, even the former AS Monaco midfielder it was also felt that it would all like a dream come true to work for him. Even so, the players themselves were also still do not feel satisfied with what he managed to get this far.

James Rodriguez said had been foretold by the Marca some time ago that getting the award was like a dream come true to work. And he was also very much hope to be able to win more titles again in the future.

In addition, players who are still 23 years old it was also added that he was very happy to get the award on behalf of his family and friends are also a team in Colombia. To be able to finish the World Cup to be the creator of the most goals is a very large incision in the career so far. more football news

Furthermore, ex-players in the squad FC Porto it was also felt so excited to be able to makes recommendations to the Los Blancos and even now she felt was in a club that is very precise. He also said that he thought that it would be a perfect club for him. He also felt very happy to state it. casino online
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This is the Selling Price Thomas Vermaelen Towards Barcelona - agen bola terpercaya. Thomas Vermaelen, one of the rumored Arsenal defender on the Barcelona official resigned. Players coming from Belgium that the contract was only staying for one more year with Arsenal was also rewarded with quite expensive. BBC Sport's party some time ago had also been reported that the Barca agreed with the dowry which reached 15 million pounds demanded by the Gunners. However, the details of the duration of the contract was not disclosed at this time. about Thomas Vermaelen

Players 28-year-old was also present just to finish a personal agreement alone, as well as salaries and bonuses to the management of Barca. As well as with medical tests before he signed the contract.
Arsene Wenger is a coach in the squad for the Gunners had also been predicted that it would soon be her care players away from the club with fast or too slow. He had also been told some time ago that Vermaelen is going to go. He has also been estimated that when preparing the team in the preseason event.

agen bola terpercaya - The players had also been competing at the Emirates Stadium in the summer it started from 2009, brought over from the Ajax with a dowry which reached 10 million pounds. In the five seasons strengthen the Gunners, he has also been changed to be players in the squad mainstay in North London and also one of the best defenders in the Premier League scene. But unfortunately, due to some injuries in the past season, Wenger was also more often combine Per Mertesacker and Laurent Koscielny.

In addition, the coach who came from France that had also been added that the players have proved themselves the quality and professionalism along with the team. However, they will not be able to hold the players there if she wanted to compete in a place that he wants now.
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Agen Bola - Prediction Game Face City According Rosicky

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agen bola. Prediction Game Face City According Rosicky - Tomas Rosicky has provided a prediction about the match between the Arsenal face Man City in the Community Shield will run with fierce. Later, he also said some thing about Bacary Sagna has now crossed the camp.

The second match in the squad it was going to be held at the Wembley Stadium, London on tonight. As a team, be it Arsenal or City also both have a very good ammunition in their attacking line, although it is the Gunners themselves have certainly lacked the two figures, namely Lukas Podolski and Mesut Oezil.

Both parties themselves were also given time to rest longer because they are still together with the German national team to the World Cup finals last. Together with Per Mertesacker, Podolski and Ozil were also new going on in Monday's practice tomorrow. Even so, he also remains confident that exciting levels in the game itself will not be diminished in the slightest. agen bola online

Rosicky said on the club's official website some time ago that according to him, the game will be a match of fierce attack and also because the second squad both like to attack. It will run with a draw. On the other hand, he was also so waiting for the game to be able to deal with Sagna, who today has strengthened the Man City. He also admitted that he would feel very strange to see Sagna reinforce other teams, but it is the same as some of the other players who have gone from the Gunners to be able to join with the Man City.

In addition, he has also been added that Bacary Sagna is one of the players who left them to join Man City. It feels very strange indeed to meet with them. They also can not wait to play the game because it is a very big game. agen bola
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